Keto diet and Body Changes in the first two weeks

Keto Diet and Body Changes In The First 2 Weeks Of Your Journey

Here you will find information regarding what to expect during the first 2 weeks following keto diet and body changes that you may experience during your weight loss journey.

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You’ll Start Losing Water Weight

This is one of the main reasons people start a keto diet and get super excited to continue! You may lose a drastic amount of weight within the first two weeks compared to other diets you have tried in the past. This is because when you limit carbs, you are also reducing the amount of water stored in your body. You will feel less bloated and may notice changes on the scale pretty quickly. This can help you stay motivated to stick with it and keep going!

You’ll Enter Ketosis Quickly

Some people think it takes weeks or months to achieve ketosis. The truth is that in the absence of carbs and sugar, the body can get into ketosis and start burning fat and ketones for fuel within 48 hours, depending on your carb intake and the amount of stored glycogen.

To ensure that you truly enter ketosis it’s important to keep your carb limit at 20g net carbs. Net Carbs = Total Carbs – fibre – Sugar Alcohols. You can achieve this by simply eating keto foods only (there are many lists on the Internet on what to eat and what to avoid) or tracking your macros to make sure you’re remaining in your allotted carb amount for the day. For example, blueberries are considered a keto-friendly food however 1 cup contains 20g of net carbs.

Keto diet and Body Changes in the first two weeks
Keto Diet and Body Changes

You May Feel Awful at The Start (But It’s Avoidable!!)

So many people experience something known as “the keto flu” at the start of their keto journey. This may be enough to deter you from even starting because let’s be honest – who wants to intentionally give themselves the flu?! Symptoms of keto flu include lethargy, fatigue, dizziness, muscle cramps, and headaches. It is the number one side effect of starting a ketogenic diet and is the result of losing water weight so quickly, that it also flushing out necessary electrolytes too.

The good news is that keto flu is completely avoidable! The main electrolytes that need your attention at the start AND throughout your entire keto journey are sodium, potassium, and magnesium. An easy way to ensure you avoid keto flu when you’re just starting is to salt your food more and eat foods high in potassium and magnesium. Other options include sipping pickle juice any time you feel unwell. Pre-made electrolyte powders are also available to help you avoid keto flu throughout your keto journey. If you choose to go this route, please read the ingredients list for each product.

Here is an example of pre-made electrolytes that are keto-friendly:

Dr Berg’s Original Electrolyte Powder

You May Have More Cravings at First

Since you are changing the way you’ve eaten probably your entire life, be prepared for some cravings at first. These will eventually subside the longer you stick with it, so be patient with yourself! But when we first restrict certain foods, it feels like they are ALL we think about. Even if you don’t usually have a sweet tooth, you may suddenly be craving sugar. This is normal as your body is withdrawing from concentrated sugar and flour. Just stay strong, remind yourself WHY you’re doing this and what it will mean to you to stick with it. You can also find some keto-friendly alternatives that you can fit into your macros to help make the transition easier.

You May Have to Adjust Your Workouts

If you’re used to training regularly you may need to adjust your workouts as you transition into ketosis. Since our muscles are used to running off glycogen stores (carbs) for fuel, it may put more strain on them once you remove them from your diet as your body converts to burning fat and ketones for fuel instead. You can still stay active and get some daily movement, just take it easy the first few weeks and don’t push yourself too hard. Once, you are fully fat-adapted, you will get your strength back.

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You May Have Digestive Issues

Some of the most common side effects of starting a ketogenic diet are diarrhoea and constipation. This is often due to drastically reducing your fibre intake while increasing the amount of fat your body is accustomed to eating. Be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, eat lots of low carb vegetables and avocados for fibre, and may want to consider taking a high-quality probiotic.

Be aware that certain forms of magnesium can impact your digestion. Magnesium Citrate specifically taken at night can help if you are constipated. But if you’re suffering from diarrhea, it will only worsen your symptoms and you should take a different form such as Magnesium Bisglycinate (the most gentle on stomachs and highly absorbable).

Certain keto-friendly sweeteners are known to cause digestive problems. Be sure to read labels carefully and look out for Maltitol. It depends on the person, but some have experienced diarrhoea after consuming this sweetener in particular.

Magnesium Citrate for constipation
Magnesium Bisglycinate for diarrhoea

Magnesium Citrate (Keto Diet and Body Changes)
Magnesium Bisglycanate (Keto Diet and Body Changes)

Your Appetite May Decrease

While most people assume if they’re going on a “diet” they may feel starving and miserable all the time. But on keto, the opposite may be true! Since you’re adjusting to eating foods higher in fat, most people find keto foods satisfying and satiating. Many people find it difficult to make sure they’re eating enough on keto, so it may take some time to find what works best for you.

You May Not React the Same as Others

Maybe you know someone in your life who had incredible results on keto, and that’s what inspired you to try it for yourself! Amazingly, you’ve decided to take control of your health but be aware that not everyone experiences the same things throughout their entire keto journey – including the start.

Some people get more energy, and mental clarity, and lose weight quickly on keto. Other people feel lower energy and lose weight more slowly. There’s no way to know for sure how you’ll react until you start and stick with it long enough to give it a fair chance. Avoid the comparison game entirely because everybody is different, and everyone will react differently. The only person you need to compare yourself to is who you were before starting your keto journey.

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You Need to Stay Hydrated

As mentioned before, when you restrict your carb intake you are inherently limiting the amount of water your body will store as well. It is essential on keto that you stay hydrated to feel your best and get results. It’s also essential to flush out any additional ketones in the body to ensure your kidneys stay healthy as ketones are highly acidic. Aim for 3-4L or 0.8-1 gallon of water per day.

More about Keto Diet and Body Changes below but first…

You May Experience Bad Breath

One of the initial side effects of getting ketosis is bad breath or noticing a metallic taste in your mouth. This is due to the elevated levels of ketones in your body as you adjust to ketosis. Don’t let this deter you from sticking with it! It will subside as your body gets accustomed to your new keto lifestyle.

If it is bothering you a lot, you may take Chlorophyllin tables.


Keto Diet And Body Changes In The First 2 Weeks
Keto Diet and Body Changes

You May Experience Trouble Sleeping

Some people notice some slight changes in their sleeping patterns as they adjust to a keto diet. All that energy that you get from running on ketones for fuel may happen during the night and you can find yourself wide awake at random times as a result. This will subside and you will likely experience even better sleep once as you continue along your journey. You may want to try melatonin or CBD if you experience issues with your sleep.

Melatonin (Keto Diet and Body Changes)

Starting a ketogenic diet is so exciting because you are taking control of your health, and weight, and creating a true lifestyle. Keto is not a “quick-fix” diet. It is not intended to be used to drop pounds quickly, just to return to how you were eating before. You will regain the weight if you go right back to your old eating habits.

While some of these initial side effects may make you question if it’s worth it – I can wholeheartedly say YES, IT IS! These are all symptoms to let you know that keto is working, you’re in ketosis, and they will subside. Give yourself 3 months of truly following a ketogenic diet before deciding if it’s right for you. You may just be surprised at not only your results but at how incredible you feel that going back to your old eating habits and foods may not even be an option!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at starting a keto diet or struggling to get started check out how Keto Success Coaching can help! You receive expert guidance so you’re never second-guessing yourself and can feel confident that you’re starting your keto journey off right to get some serious results that last! You can always message me for a private conversation here!

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