This is my life story: How I became a Weight Loss Mindset Coach, and HOW I can help YOU succeed in your weight loss journey!

I Failed So Many Times To Lose Weight

My weight loss journey started at school. I was 14 and bullied regularly. I had few friends and felt lonely and isolated. I wanted to change how I looked so I could feel like I fit in. I started dieting and exercising when I changed schools and at the time, my efforts paid off.

Keto Diet Program For Weight Loss - Coach Rally Rus, weight loss journey
Coach Rally Rus, before weight loss journey

And then the cycle started.

I lose weight, then I gain it back. I tried different diets every time. All of them worked at first but then, I would gain the weight back on.

I moved to the UK in 2012 and loved trying new foods! So much to enjoy – I love fish & chips and all the amazing desserts! My weight increased, and then I made efforts to lose it again. But it always came back.

By 2019, I felt so unhappy. I hated my office job. I was in a relationship that was going wrong. My weight was at an all-time high – 85kg! (13st/6lb) and I was facing the lowest emotional point in my life.

I knew something had to change. I couldn’t continue like I was.

Time to start my weight loss journey!

I found a new way

After talking to my aunty (she is a GP), she told me about one of her patients having lost weight fairly quickly, but was keeping it off. She was in good shape, her blood results were healthy and she generally felt lighter, fitter and full of energy.

I wanted that too! I joined the same Facebook group and spent the next few months learning about the keto diet and talking with people who were on it and seeing results.
I went shopping, bought all the right foods and started my weight loss journey (again) and I was determined to change my life. 

After a lot of reading, experimenting, modifying my menu, and numerous ups and downs, I reached my goal! 65kg (10st/140lbs) I lost 20kg and felt so proud of myself. I felt happy and light. I felt like a totally different person. The ‘me’ I was supposed to be.

Coach Rally Rus, after the weight loss journey
Rally Rus, Weight Loss Mindset Coach

Some of the changes I made

  • I’ve adopted healthy eating habits;
  • I’ve learned how to control my appetite, control my binge eating;
  • I’ve improved my sleeping;
  • My anxiety is under control;
  • My confidence skyrocketed;
  • My energy levels have never been so high;
  • My doctor is happy with my blood tests ever since.

These are some of the positive changes I went through, during my weight loss journey, following the Keto diet and working on my mindset.

And it stayed off!

Even during lockdown, I’ve kept the weight off. I even went down to 61kg (9st 8lb/134lbs)  while in the maintenance stage (keto lifestyle rather than keto diet).

I’m currently tracking between 61kg-65kg and I’m enjoying life more than ever.

Now, after I went through my weight loss journey, my confidence is the highest ever.

I love what I see in the mirror.

And I love clothes shopping.

Coach Rally Rus 2

Do you want my story to be your story?

I started helping other women like you to tailor their keto diet. I know that with keto, one size does not fit all. Some things that worked for me may not work for someone else. It’s a case of experimenting with what works for you. But I have been on that weight loss journey and know what to try. I love it when someone takes my advice and sees positive results.

I love helping other women feel as happy as I am with my progress. I was inspired to educate myself so I took and passed the following certifications:

  • A Ketogenic Diet and Ketosis Health Coach Certification;
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Eating Disorder Certification;
  • Life Coaching Certification;
  • And I haven’t finished (more certifications in the process).

And now, I spend my time helping women who are ready to take that first step toward growing their confidence, boosting their health and enjoying the happiness that being lighter and energetic brings.


Delicious, Quick, And Easy Keto Recipes

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  • You want to lose weight
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