8 weeks basic weight loss program

Choosing the right weight loss program shouldn't be something that holds you back. When you work with me, I'll help you discover a healthy eating program that suits you and will work for you. Low Carb High Fat keto diet is a very versatile weight loss diet and can be adapted to most women's needs.

What Is Basic Weight Loss Program?

The Basic Weight Loss Program is my 8-week, one-on-one online coaching & mentoring program with weekly live mentoring and Q&A calls.

It includes:

  • Weekly sessions, where we will discuss what is a low carb high fat keto diet.
  • How you can adapt the keto diet to your weight loss needs to achieve easy and quickly your fat loss goals.
  • Accountability – I will help you stay on track.
  • Weight Loss Motivation – we all have these tricky moments when we just want to quit, feel low or have bad days. I’ll help you go through those moments!
  • And much more – I’ll share my best tips and tricks on how to lose weight and get healthy!

Who Is It For?

The Basic Weight Loss Program is designed for women who are determined to lose weight and get healthier.

Do you want to say NO MORE to:

  • Being out of breath doing simple tasks like walking around or going up and down the stairs?
  • Being constantly hungry and craving comfort food?
  • Not having enough energy to play with your children?
  • Can’t remember what you were going to do?
  • Not liking what you see in the mirror?
  • Can’t fit in the lovely jeans (or dress) you saw in the shop?

INSTEAD, do you want to:

  • Be full of energy to play with your children? 
  • Feel full and stop constantly craving food?
  • Fit in those beautiful jeans (or dress) you saw in the shop?
  • People complimenting you on how good you look?
  • Stop the brain fog and improve your memory?
  • Have enjoyable walks with your family and/or friends?
  • Reduce your blood pressure?
  • Reduce your anxiety/depression?
  • Improve your mood?
  • Enjoy life by being happy and healthy?

If you answered YES to at least one of the above questions, this

Keto Diet Starter Program is FOR YOU!

How Does It Work?

All of the weekly 1-1 coaching sessions between us will take place virtually, on a Zoom call.

You can book each session using my dedicated Calendly link and contact me for support during the week on Facebook Messenger.

I’ll meet you where you’re at in your weight loss journey and provide the support you need to achieve your weight loss and health goals.

When Can I Start?

The opportunity to work with me one-on-one is currently open!

Book a call with me to learn more or message me on Facebook. Soon after signing up, I’ll contact you, using the email address you provide, to arrange our first 1-1 coaching and consultancy session.

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What We Will Cover?

  • What Keto Diet is. I will help you choose the best version of the Keto Diet for you. Keto Diet can be adapted to your specific needs and requirements.
  • Confusion-free: What you can eat and what you should avoid. why. There are so many different Keto Diet shopping lists available. Some of them include foods that others don’t. I will help you understand the differences and find the best keto food list that suits your new healthy lifestyle.
  • We will go through the positive and the negative side effects of the Keto Diet. I will help you, with tips and tricks, on how you can avoid or limit the negative and enjoy the positive ones.
  • Macros setting and making plans on how to reach them/not to go over them. The standard Keto Diet is based on the ratio of 5%:20%:75%. Is that good enough for you? I will help you understand how this works and, if needed, adapt it to your needs and to suit your lifestyle. 
  • Accountability, support, motivation and help ARE A MUST for an enjoyable, stress-free weight loss journey.
  • MENU & MEAL PREPPING – I will support you in improving your shopping habits. I’ll give you tips on saving time in your kitchen and making meals more enjoyable!
  • TIPS TO ACCELERATE YOUR FAT LOSS & ENERGY (if required): exercise routine, water, supplements…

Who am I?

My life story: How I became a Weight Loss Mindset Coach, and HOW I can help YOU succeed in your weight loss journey!

I Failed So Many Times To Lose Weight

My weight loss journey started at school. I was 14 and bullied regularly. I had few friends and felt lonely and isolated. I really wanted to change how I looked, so I could feel like I fitted in. I started dieting and exercising when I changed schools and at the time, my efforts paid off.

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Keto Diet Program For Weight Loss - Coach Rally Rus
Keto Diet Program For Weight Loss - Coach Rally Rus

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